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X-Ray and Metal Detection

Security Detection & Scanning

Import and distribution of Large X-Ray Scanning Machines, Metal Detectors and Security Screening Devices.
DTRON is an established and licenced national distributor.

X-Ray Security Scanning

X-Ray machines are fitted with operator desktop controls and a tunnel-conveyor belt. Various models are available.

X-Ray Scanning Categories

Large Baggage Scanning X-Ray Machine

Walk-Through Detector

Walk-through Metal Detection Arches

DTRON distributes imported Walk-through Metal Detection machines, throughout South Africa.

Security Accessory Push Button

Automated Security Checks

Security Accessory Push Button

Hand Held Detectors

Hand Held Metal Detector Devices

We supply and deliver Hand Held Metal Detectors. Typical items of detection are hand weapons and knives.

Hand Held Metal Detector

High Sensitivity Metal Detector. Easy use, durable and light weight. Sensitivity can be adjusted externally.

Hand held portable metal detector

Portable Hand Held Metal Detector

The Portable Hand Held Security Detector operates at 22KHz with a rechargeable battery or direct power load at 9V.

Licensed to import and distribute Baggage X-Ray Machines