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Access Control

PLC-ACC1 Controller

All Access Control Systems use a processing component. This processing component is the key to the system. It is the central basis from where End Points receive instruction for action. The choice of End Points determine the output solution.

Many variations of the standard Access Controller are available. The PLC-ACC1 is a specialised Access Controller engineerd and manufactured by DTRON Communications (Pty) Ltd.
The PLC-ACC1 Controller by far exceeds the standard in terms of hardiness and capability.

PLC-ACC1 Integrated security and encryption
PLC-ACC1 Integrated security and encryption


  • User programmable
  • OTP Server
  • 2 x Wiegand ports
  • 2 x 10/100 Ethernet ports
  • Real-time kernel / operating system
  • Integrated security / encryption
  • Several I/O, expandable with optic isolation
  • Large and smaller form factors
  • Various serial and RS485 interface options
  • Robust, hardware watchdog


  • Flash / EEPROM with file system2 x Wiegand ports
  • Devicenet
  • Integrated encryption
  • Bluetooth and Wifi

Output Solutions

What it is
PLC-ACC1 combined with Voice over IP Protocol, is used to access and command various devices remotely.
How it works

The numbers dialled on a VoIP phone is identified and sent via an IP Network. The remote peripheral device interpretes the receiving code. A corresponding action is performed. This action can be anything from a locker being opened, a sound being heard or a sensor being activated.

What it is
A version of the PLC-ACC1, customised specifically for use at ATM's.
Strict encryption

DTRON has experience with stringent encryption requirements and security protocol in high risk environments.

What it is
Electronic Safe using PLC-ACC1 controller functionality.
DSafe TM

Complete control and many options over the way in which doors are opened. This creates exciting new possibilities for stock management.

DSafe TM
What it is
An enclosed, restricted area allowing limited secure interaction from the outside.
Self-help service

The PLC-ACC1 creates exciting new possibilities for automated self-help service kiosks.

What it is
PLC-ACC1 working with RFID. Access is granted to authorised vehicles issued with an RFID tag.
RFID demarcation areas

Taxi ranks, parking lots, security estates, and restricted or remote, unmanned areas.

What it is
Scanning and keeping track of assets on the move.
Smart Labels

RFID can be attached to any item, such as supermarket trolleys and clothing articles. This technology makes it possible to tag and track many items simultaneously.

What it is
A collection of technologies that regulate the behaviour of visitors within an enclosed area. There are many different types of visitor management systems.
Solutions for Visitation Management

Having many years of experience building prison visitation systems - DTRON is competent to handle challenging visitation systems.

Prison Intercom

One Time Pin Server

A buit-in software component that can be integrated with existing business solutions.

OTP Server

OTP-generating software onboard the PLC-ACC1 Controller

Access Control Solutions

An Access Control System is able to electronically control, automate and manage, entry into a facility. Access Control Systems integrate a variety of technologies
to form a coherent system.

DTRON manufactures the entire spectrum of access control

DTRON manufactures both the hardware, physical product, and product software. DTRON designs and manufactures product solutions that will ultimately work within your specific business model.
PLC-ACC1 Integrated security and encryption
PLC-ACC1 Integrated security and encryption
PLC-ACC1 Integrated security and encryption
PLC-ACC1 Integrated security and encryption
PLC-ACC1 Integrated security and encryption
PLC-ACC1 Integrated security and encryption

Smart Programmable Access Control